Or even Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells. When The North Face® Freeski Open of New Zealand Slopestyle kicks off on 28 August it’ll be the first time all four Wells brothers have skied together in the same competition.

How do you feel about competing against your brothers is a standard interview question for Team Wells and it comes with a convincing response: “We’re all in it to win but if it’s not me on the podium, I’d rather it was my brother.”

Seriously though, you have to wonder if Team Wells Senior (Jossi and Byron) are even slightly concerned about their ‘little’ brothers – Team Wells Junior (Beau and Jacko).

“I’m terrified of these guys, they’re taking my job,” jokes Byron. “Seriously they’re killing it.”

Just as we thought. So then a question for Jackson who, incidentally, is not ‘little’ and stands about a foot taller than anyone else in the family.

But what’s it really like being the youngest of four and watching the others standing on the podium? Don’t you feel like it’s your turn for a share of the limelight now? Do you feel any pressure?

“No, there’s no pressure. If I do well, I do well. I’m still focused on having fun.”

It’s not that he’s not competitive. If anything, he’s a real perfectionist.

“I don’t like watching myself ski. If it doesn’t look good, I hate watching myself.”

Was there ever any temptation to step off the well-trodden pathway and not become a skier? How about cutting loose as a snowboarder, for example?

“Of course, snowboarding is way cooler!” laughs Jacko. Hard to tell if that’s a joke or not, he’s a keen skater too.

There’s definitely more to life than being exceptionally talented at skiing, even when your name is Wells. There’s golf and tennis for example.

“When I’m playing well, I beat them all (his brothers) for sure,” says Jackson. But that’s the closest he’ll get to a boast.

Expectations for the NZ Freeski Open?

“Just ski the best I can.”

Should be a good show.