To sign up as a volunteer for this year’s TNF Freeski Open, contact Adam Dooney at

In case you didn’t get the message we want you. We need you. (Oh baby, oh baby?). And in an effort to win you over, we asked some of last year’s volunteer crew to share their thoughts. Freeski world, meet Jamie and Josh…

So to be blunt, why do you subject yourself to 12 hour days of relentless punishment in the bitter cold, with a terrible hangover, just to be a volunteer at the NZ Open?

JOSH: To put it simply it’s just a heap of fun, free beer, meeting new awesome crew and a big party at the end.

JAMIE: We get shit done so you’re not volunteering your whole day. There are usually a few beers floating around at the end of the day.

hot tubWe work you really hard. Photo: Thibault De Sainte Maresville.


JOSH: The banana bar.

JAMIE: Get some swag, a week of watching some epic riding, excellent sunrises when it finally comes up each day. Plus you get to ride a bunch yourself.

Lowest of the low-light?

JOSH: Hiking the deck of the pipe in the dark, terrified of falling in.

JAMIE: At some stupid hour in the morning getting up the hill to crazy high wind, smashing a fresh wound on my way to the building, only to turn around and drive back down.

GetInline-5The morning commute. Photo: Thibault De Sainte Maresville.

Looking forward to most this year?

JOSH: Aaaall of it.

JAMIE: Banana bar.

Best trick/thing you have seen ever working on a comp?

JOSH: A double cork something something. And plenty of Cossacks!

JAMIE: The riding is next level, so if the hangover is too bad it’s always a good day watching people huck their meat. I don’t know any tricks, which makes me more impressed.

424711_436981606343799_1755131639_nSee those little people standing on the knuckle? That could be you. Photo: Nick Johnson.

Does it get you all the ladies?

JAMIE: Gets you heaps of ladies? You can try!

ladies 2The ladies are waiting for YOU. (And for the potential femmy volunteers… we all know the pro boys are babe’n).To sign up as a volunteer for this year’s TNF Freeski Open, contact Adam Dooney at